Monday, April 28, 2008

Seven Dwarfs = Seven stages of coke

I read a very intresting article on how Snow White and the Seven dwarfs maybe a representation of the seven stages of cocaine.

"It took me awhile to actually think about this, and make sure it made sense. After much thought, it does make sense. Snow White is a movie that indiscretely makes reference to the white gold. For one her name is Snow White, the color of cocaine. That right there is a dead giveaway, but wait there's more. The names of the dwarves are named after, what i think, the symptoms of cocaine usage. Their beards were also white, it seems they would be that way because they are old, but it's only that way to the untrained eye, but to someone like me, who wastes their time on stupid things and points out the flaws of things, i take this into consideration when wondering if Snow White has anything to do with cocaine. It also looks like they work in a diamond mine, but those are no ordinary diamonds, they are crack diamonds, which they process into their sweet drug of cocaine.

All of them but Doc are guilty of the crime of being a drug reference. Lousy german midgets. Always with the drugs, well at least they will stay away from my family. 1. Dopey - When you hear Snow White, you either think of her or this dwarf. He may be the goofiest of the dwarves, but wouldn't you be if you were a cocaine symptom, he always run around with the oversized tunic and ears looking ridiculous and also crazy. He's pretty much level-headed when he doesn't take his cocaine, which i think he should stop doing. 2. Grumpy - After a while in the cocaine high, you get angry, or at least seem that way, but this curmudgeonly old bastard doesn't need cocaine to be angry, he just has a mental imbalance. Without his cocaine he's a rambling psychotic, dangerous to talk to and more dangerous to interact with. 3. Sneezy - Now this is a sad case, to most people when he has his finger up to his nose it may seem he is stiffling a sneeze, but in reality, this poor midget is getting his fix of coke by putting it on his finger. The other dwarves think he has a sneezing problem, but he is much smarter than them. Hiding your habit by putting it on your nose, you card. 4. Happy - Cocaine puts you in a euphoric state of mind, and this guy is the perfect example. So much cocaine usage has left him in a blissful state. It's tragic. 5. Bashful - When you do cocaine you sort of go into withdrawal, but most of the time you are hyperactive and full of energy. This guy is a case of the former choice. 6. Sleepy - I'm not sure if you become sleepy from doing cocaine, seeing as how i haven't tried it yet. But i am pretty sure doing cocaine takes it out of you. Too much cocaine makes this guy seem like a sufferer of narcolepsy. "

This shot article was a very interesting read. I have definitely heard about Disney referring to sex. Supposedly in Aladdin, Aladdin after the song, “a whole new world,” he whispers to jasmine – “Take off your clothes.”

Also is the Lion King, the clouds spell sex and in the little Mermaid on the cover, or at least on the older boxes, there is a picture of a palace with many persians-looking towers on the back. One of them is a giant penis, erect and sticking out of one of the turrets of the Palace.


Zeke said...

Can we leave cartoon characters alone? I am positive no one thinks of making the any cartoon act like he is on drugs, come on

John said...

I watched Dumbo for the first time since I was a kid this year, and there's this crazy scene where Dumbo and his rat friend get drunk on champagne and have a wild trip involving pink elephants, after which they find themselves stuck in a tree 20 feet up. That's how he learned to fly, in order to get them down!